Birds In Audubon Zoo

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Next, be sure to check out the Audubon Aviary, and wear a hat because those are real birds flying over your head! As they soar in the air, you can actually have them come to you if you feed them little bugs from your hand, or throw the bug in the air (hence the need for your hat) and watch them fly out to take the bugs mid flight.


Next on your list is the Discovery Walk where you can see animals like giant turtles and you can pet them and ask questions. Kids will love this interaction with the animals. There's also a flamingo exhibit to check out, and you'll be surprised when you see these beautiful, tall and statuesque birds. Be sure to ask questions about how they build their nests and lay eggs, and all you can also ask a guide whether or not there are any baby flamingos just in case you want to check one out!

TIP TO PARENTS: Have kids work on their own photo album where they take pictures of all the birds, or all the reptiles, or give one project to each child. When they create their own photo album, they will be surprised to learn about how many different exotic species come from all over the world including South America, South East Asia, and Australia and they can research them at home!